Questions & Answers:


What’s the difference between you and other Boston SEO firms?

Our expertise and focus are purely SEO. We don’t do any social marketing, e-mail campaigns, keyword research, or any stuff that other Boston companies will charge you extra for. We only specialize on ranking your business and keyword on the first page of Google so that you can focus on increasing your clientele and sales. We also don’t have monthly contracts or any other non-sense. We believe that once you rank on the first page, you’ll stay our client for years to come. However, we believe in the freedom of choice, so we give our customers’ flexibility, and they can cancel at any time.


Do you help me choose my keyword?

No, we are SEO Specialists; our focus is purely first page rankings in Google. You should already have a sense of your industry and the keyword you want to rank for.


Do you provide a report or weekly updates?

No, we do not. If in the 4 to 6 weeks time-frame, your keyword gets to the first page of Google, you will receive an e-mail notification regarding the monthly invoice fee to maintain your first page rankings. If you do not respond to that e-mail within 72 hours, it is assumed that you do not want to keep your first page rankings.


How long will it take for me to see results?

We try our best to get you first page rankings for your keyword within 4 to 6 weeks.


Why is the $1,000 setup fee non-refundable?

Because we have to pay our writers and link-builders for their work and time to reach guest bloggers relevant in your industry.


How do I know you won’t take the $1,000 non-refundable setup fee and not do any work?

It’s really simple. By paying us a monthly fee, our writers and link-builders receive an incentive to continue to maintain your rankings on the first page. Our goal is to have repeat customers who pay us on a monthly basis.


Can you really get my keyword and business to the first page of Google?

Contact us with your URL and keyword (1 keyword for best results) and we’ll let you know upfront if we can do it within 4 to 6 weeks.


What happens after I reach the first page with your service?

After we’ve helped you to reach the first page with our SEO service, then we’ll send you a monthly invoice via PayPal, which goes towards maintaining your first page rankings.


Can I cancel the monthly service at any time if I am not happy?

Yes, you can. You can either contact us via e-mail 72 hours before the next billing cycle or simply login to your PayPal account and cancel it yourself.


If I cancel the monthly billing, will I lose my rankings?

Because we no longer will be working on your website or building any further links, there is a chance that your rankings will drop, so yes it’s a possibility. If you really value your business and know how much first page rankings mean for your sales and profits, then we are sure that you’ll continue to pay the monthly fee.


How much is the monthly fee to maintain my rankings?

It depends on your keyword and industry, but generally speaking, it costs a minimum of $1,000 per month.


Could my rankings drop even if I am paying the monthly fee for maintenance?

Yes, that is still a possibility. At the end of the day, we are not Google, so we can’t control what they do.


So if my rankings can still drop, why even pay the monthly maintenance fee?

Let’s put it this way: if you don’t pay the monthly fee, the chance of your rankings dropping are considerably higher than paying it. The reason is because by paying it, we give an incentive to our writers and link-builders to continue to work on your site. Remember, often times rankings drop simply because your competitors are still building links even when you stop doing so, and it results in Google ranking them higher than your site. So therefore, it seems like your rankings have dropped.


How can I contact you? And why don’t you provide a phone number?

The best and fastest way to reach us is via e-mail. We don’t provide a phone number because a lot of our workers are remote, so there isn’t one number to call. Also people tend to spam those who are ranking well in Google (like our seo rankings). Believe us, once your website ranks on the first page of Google, you’ll start to get many junk inquiries as well as serious ones for your business.


Why aren’t there any testimonials?

We take our clients’ confidentiality very seriously, so there’s no way we can show you who has used our service. Just look at our rankings in Google for yourself. We are top 3 for “Boston SEO”, so we know what we are doing.


Is your SEO service “safe” or can it get my website penalized?

Yes, we try to only follow white-hat methods when ranking our clients’ sites. However, keep in mind, we are not responsible for anything that happens.