Terms and Conditions

By ordering our SEO service, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


1. There are no refunds. Once you’ve paid the $1,000 setup fee via PayPal, we start the SEO work. This is non-refundable.


2. If you agree to the monthly billing of $1,000 to $10,000+ per month (depending on your keyword) to maintain your first page rankings (fee is determined and agreed upon by us and the “client” before the billing date), there will be no refunds once the payment has been made by the “client”.


3. If you are not happy with the service and want to cancel before the monthly billing, you must e-mail us within 72 hours of the next billing cycle or cancel the subscription via PayPal yourself. If you forget to do so and the charge has been made for that month, you agree that the fee is non-refundable.


4. We do not guarantee that your keyword will rank on the first page of Google. All we determine is if we can actually get those rankings for your business based on our analyzing of your site’s optimization and keyword target. If we don’t think we can rank you on the first page of Google, we’ll tell you upfront. However, we are not responsible for the actions of Google, so you agree that the price you pay for setup and / or any monthly billings are non-refundable. We do not promise results or make any guarantees.


5. If your website rankings drop or Google makes algorithm updates that change your rankings in a way that has a negative impact on your business / site, we are not responsible. We are not Google and we don’t control what they do.


6. You do not hold us responsible for any drops in your business’ sales nor rankings. You agree not to take any legal actions against us for any reason.


7. We do not make any keyword recommendations or suggestions. We are not a research company. If you provide us with a keyword that ranks and does not make any positive impact on your business or sales, we are not responsible.


8. We are not a social media company. We will not be posting to any social media platforms on your behalf nor representing your brand or business.


9. We are not a search engine marketing agency. We simply use our team of writers and link-builders with guest post outreaches in relevant topics as your niche to increase your search rankings. We are not responsible for anything that happens once you rank or don’t rank.


10. You use our service at your own risk. We do not make any promises, guarantees, or results. You use our service at your own sole discretion and understand the risks with SEO.